The Best Sites For Buying Music Online

With a large variety of websites offering ways to download music off the Internet, figuring out which online music store to use can be a challenge. Which sites balance ease of use with accessibility to the greatest artists? Which sites are the most reputable?

The iTunes shop is by far the most famous online music store. Immense popularity is definitely an advantage with online stores, since it means that most popular artists will ensure that their music is available through that particular site. iTunes is host to a range of different music genres, so if you’re looking for the most popular trance music or mellow country sounds, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. They cover the mainstream well, however if you’re looking for a more bespoke sub-genre you might struggle to find certain artists.

Google Music is relatively new to the scene, but it is still a major competitor for sites like iTunes and Amazon. The great thing about Google Music is that it’s designed with android users in mind so if you’re using an android device you can download and access music directly. Google Music is the ideal place to discover new music with many lesser known artists offering their music for free. Google Music is also a favourite with Indie band lovers.

Psyclone Music is a good resource for a variety of obscure electronica. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on iTunes we recommend you visit their website. The popularity of Apple also means that iTunes gift cards are easily accessible, meaning that music from this shop can easily be given as a gift. Music purchased from iTunes immediately goes into your iTunes library and easily syncs with any of your Apple devices. In fact, if you own an iPod, using the iTunes software is imperative. also offers instant music downloads. In most respects, it is quite similar to iTunes: most artists have their music available through Amazon, gift cards are easy to obtain, and all downloads are in the same format, though Amazon uses .mp3 files instead of Apple’s .m4a formatting. Amazon provides its own downloading manager, which allows you to specify a folder for your downloaded music. Amazon’s music store is a good choice for people who do not use Apple products, as the programs involved are less cumbersome for non-Macintosh computers to use.

However, music geeks may find that Bandcamp offers the best methods to download online. While the most famous musicians often do not host their albums on Bandcamp, it offers a platform for independent and non-mainstream artists to showcase their work.

Unlike Amazon and iTunes, Bandcamp offers full-length free streaming of each posted track, meaning that customers can listen to each song multiple times before committing to a purchase. Bandcamp is also unique in that customers can choose the format of their download from a variety of high-fidelity formats.

These lossless files are much larger than .mp3 or .m4a files and thus take longer to download, but they are also vastly superior in sound quality, making Bandcamp the ideal site for audiophiles. The best quality music is essential to be played on the equipment DJs use.

These sites are perfect for DJs when they need to find the top music downloads and recent trends, so they need the best sites to find them. If you are looking for audio equipment where you can play the latest music, why not check out DJ Deals, the ultimate online shop to find those PA speakers and other types of top quality equipment you’ve been dreaming of like dj controllers, dj equipment and dj gears, kits or decks.